One “meter” to make the difference


The World Health Organisation has established that one metre is the minimum distance to preserve our health and that of those around us. A meter that avoids infection and being infected. This obligation, which we believe to be inevitable, has spontaneously triggered our switch of ideas. In different forms, each one at home, we have asked the same question: how to deal with this “meter” in view of the recovery? Because there will be a recovery, but it would be irrational to think that everything will go back to normal from the beginning.

We are architects, designers, engineers and managers with the mission of designing new solutions for the well-being of people in their work environment. In short, governing this “metre” is the bread and butter for our teeth. And brainstorming has begun.


Situation has changed, let’s change too !

No later than a few weeks ago we were used to a society in which individuals thought in terms of personal space as a positive element of separation from one another.The paradox of the moment is that the yardstick established by the WHO imposes that separation, which we now perceive as a limitation. It will take time to adapt, especially for those who are bound to traditional workspace concepts. But it is also true that for many people it was nothing more than an “intensive” – and obligatory – version of a work mode already in progress..


A challenge for those who design workplaces for the people.

The challenge is clear:

  • Quickly intervene by revisiting the concepts of “us in space”;
  • Safeguarding safety for our health;
  • Encourage social interaction despite the distance imposed.

And since we are here, let’s take a look to the future, so that today’s effort is not just a response to the demands of the present, but also one that makes sense for the future, one that shows how much we have learned from this experience.

From what we have, we have nothing missing. Solutions at hand

In these exceptional circumstances, the most natural action is a search for what is immediately usable. In a new spirit, products are screened, alternative solutions are identified and new ” connections” are experimented. This is how the WHO “meter” determined the reconfiguration of office space according to Martex. To do this, we used the Nucleo line. Born long before Covid-19 but yet ready to fight it.




  • With freestanding panels: modular and easily reconfigurable, fixed or on wheels. Ideal for easy separation of work areas.

  • With the “temporary work” set-ups that allow concentration and isolation: easy to move, so they can be reconfigured at any time.

  • With the NUCLEO poufs that are equipped with hooks under the structure that allow an easy connection between them, but also allow, especially at this time, to be broken up and moved away from each other to maintain the right distance between people.Here the complete NUCLEO line, Enjoy the view


 Here the complete  NUCLEO  line – Enjoy the view