Martex@Salone del Mobile 2023

News, Video | 28 April 2023

  Martex si è presentata al Salone del Mobile con arredi  funzionali, riconfigurabili, modulari e dinamici che sanno rispondere ai nuovi modi di vivere …

  Martex exhibited at the Salone del Mobile with furniture that responds to new ways of living and working, where …


Video | 6 June 2022

Fluido® was born from the idea of the fish stalls in Venice, where every day, depending on the catch, the …

Laminate Super Matt

Video | 20 December 2021

Martex introduces the Laminate Super Matt. A finish that is not only beautiful to see, but thanks to its low …

OFFICE SWEET HOME is the concept that moves every our thought when we focus on the spaces where we spend most …

Interview with Monica Graffeo, a young designer who, together with Martex, conceived the Piazza and the Nucleo collection. Another successful …

Workspaces / 3

Video | 20 April 2018

Martex introduces Workspaces Socialize, Team Working & Communication

Workspaces / 2

Video | 20 April 2018

Martex introduces Workspaces Produce individually, Intensive Work & Knowledge Sharing

Workspaces / 1

Video | 20 April 2018

Martex introduces Workspaces Ideas, Design, Engineering & Performances