Managerial desk

The new workflows that characterize our society, such as integration, synergy and communication management, have suggested new managers to operate in workplaces that allow the development of relations and connections, abandoning thus, the strict separation of space and functions. Martex's managerial desks are the ideal solution for this new idea of work spaces organization.

Pigreco Loop

Managerial desks

Pigreco Loop has an easy and quick to assemble structure, available in 3 standard finishes white, black and titanium, or …

Kyo light

Managerial desks

With Kyo Light, the elegant mark of Kyo in the form of a monolithic structure with the traditional portal shape …


Managerial desks

The Pigreco collection is perfect for managerial or operative offices and for stylish meeting rooms. Its quality can be recognized …


Managerial desks

Agile is a managerial desk, bench and meeting tables system with simple and geometric lines enriched by the possibility of …