Lounge area

Lounge area offers guests comfort and tranquility in moments of waiting and relaxation, are oases where you can rest in an atmosphere of absolute peace and harmony.

Nucleo armchair & sofa

Armchairs & sofas

A collection of modular armchairs and sofas. They are also customizable with movable laptop tops or fixed tables and plug-in …

Nucleo pouf & armchair

Modular seating

It is a modular upholstered system, which can be reconfigured at any time and it is presented both with individual …


Armchairs & sofas

The lounge area of the executive office is increasingly important: an area furnished in an elegant and comfortable style that …

Nucleo business

Armchairs & sofas

The Business armchair is not just a comfortable seat for relaxation areas but it can create a real work area. …


Armchairs & sofas

It is a system of upholstered products including armchairs, high and low back sofas, and poufs with and without feet, …