Cafés and Bars are those unique places within a city where people choose to be. Likewise, the Cafeteria in the office space encourages people to socialize, meet, be informed and create lasting bonds. It is a cosy and comfortable space where people can feel at ease, relax, communicate and build relationships between colleagues, during a coffee break.

Fluido® High Tables

From the ever-changing fish counter comes the idea of Fluido® Fluido® was born from the idea of the counters at …

Metal high tables

High tables

Nucleo chair


Seat with wood structure and customizable shell in Martex lacquered colors or fabric upholstery.

Nucleo stools


Stools are ideal for informal offices or temporary workstations, or to furnish coffee break areas. Colorful, comfortable and practical, Martex …

Nucleo corner


Galaxy, combined with the partition panels, allows you to create functional kitchen corners or to simply isolate printer areas in …



The lines of the Pantry unit are soft and elegant, the top space is perfect to accommodate equipment and small …

Nucleo high tables

High tables

More and more, in the office environment, common areas are designed to let people relax, communicate, take breaks in the …

Coffee tables

Coffee tables

Coffee tables allow you to create comfortable relaxing corners that serve as pleasant areas for social interaction in the workspace. …

Nucleo armchair & sofa

Armchairs & sofas

A collection of modular armchairs and sofas. They can be customised with plug-in sockets with built-in USB ports or fixed …