Fluido® High Tables

From the ever-changing fish counter comes the idea of Fluido®

Fluido® was born from the idea of the counters at the fish-market in Venice, where every day, depending on the catch, the trays become interchangeable and easily replaceable; all supported by a structure that can be assembled and reused elsewhere. From this vision was born Fluido®, a structure that is easy to assemble and disassemble, which is completed by a series of elements such as tops, trays, drawers, which make the product absolutely customisable according to its function; with the same elements it is possible to create low or high tables, trolleys of various sizes, bookcases and much more.



  • Patent of ingeniousness
  • No screws, assembly in just a few steps, no tools required
  • 100% recyclable
  • Low-volume packaging, easy to transport
  • Available in environmentally sustainable and certified materials, such as 100% recycled paper
  • Product that can be transformed and is infinitely reusable
  • Easily disassemblable


Thanks to an ingenious patent, the product can be assembled with bare hands, without any screws or tools of any kind. Small and very fast movements to create your own workstation.

This means not only time savings, but also a lower environmental impact since no screws are included in the packaging. The table can be customised by choosing the configuration that best suits the function at the time. Assembly takes place in just a few steps by any user, as the elements that make up Fluido® are light and easy to move.


Reconfigurability & Flexibility are the needs, FLUIDO® is the Answer

Today, a room can be transformed in the course of the same day into a different environment: from a meeting room, to a training room, to individual work.

For this reason, space requires the ability to change flexibly and dynamically. In this perspective of effectiveness and versatility, the undisputed protagonists are the furnishings.  Flexible furniture, which allows you to change from one configuration to another depending on the purpose, adapting in a practical and fast way to all requirements. Furniture that have to be reconfigured by the user easily and intuitively, without requiring the intervention of specialised personnel.


The materials used are eco-friendly. The structure is made of aluminium: a green material that can be easily disassembled to obtain a fully recyclable product. Fluido®  is undergoing LCA analysis to develop a product that meets the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM). The tops are CARB-certified, and optionally available in 100% recycled PAPERSTONE® paper and FSC®-certified, and comply with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) goal 12 responsible consumption and production.

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