Fluido® has structure that is easy to assemble and disassemble and it is completed by a series of elements such as tops, trays, drawers, which make the product absolutely customizable according to its function; with the same elements it is possible to create low or high tables, trolleys of various sizes, bookcases and much more.

Cloud Spaces

Yas Mall Abu Dhabi, UAE

CLOUD Spaces is Aldar’s group pioneering brand of Flexible Workspace Solutions, a hybrid concept that offer a fresh and flexible approach to working and collaborating, serving the needs of the evolving business landscape across the UAE. The open and airy lounges of a co-working space provide the perfect collaborative environment to approach fellow coworkers and start a conversation. Office collaborations are a common occurrence at co-working spaces since the atmosphere makes it easy to engage with others when they are part of the same community.

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