Free standing panels

The freestanding panel Nucleo is a flexible and modular office partition that can be multiplied to infinity.
Nucleo office partition can be double-sided with different fabrics or colors between the 2 sides and can be equipped with hooks for coats, bags or blackboards.

In open space office, Nucleo office partition are quite useful to divide working areas and grant privacy to the users.

Technical Details

StructureSupporto interno in multistrato di pioppo, imbottito di poliuretano espanso ignifugo e rivestito in tessuto ignifugo in classe 1 di reazione al fuoco
FinishingsDifferent fabrics and faux-leather available for covering
EdgeStandard oak edge, available on request in other finishes

Product Plus

Sound absorption

The measurement of the sound attenuation of the office partition screens, according to the ISO 10053 standard, has obtained the result of acoustic abatement of 14 dB

Double sided feature

all WELL panels can be double-sided and have different fabrics between sides

Easy hooking

Wide modularity

Different widht and height available

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