Know how


Martex is a company that offers solutions and ideas  for workspaces design and furnish, through systems and products born from its own research and from the listening to customers and designers.

100% Made in Italy


Martex is part of the Furniture District, the most important industrial area for the production of furniture and furniture components.

The work is carried out exclusively following the criteria of excellence, according to the requirements of a total “Made in Italy” production. This means constant research into recognized italian style and design around the world, and careful attention to raw material selection.

It is reassuring to think that a company, with over 50 years of experience, can maintain the genuine enthusiasm with its approach to work, which exploits modern technology when creating its very own products, all with the delicateness and passion of times past.

Creative Design


The design and development of Martex products starts from the study and understanding of user behaviors and needs; we want to supply not only products but also solutions that respond to needs that arise from the experience of those who will use them.

The collaboration with the designers does not start only from the aesthetics of the product but from the function, tracing a clear line of the requirements to which the design should respond.

User-Centered Design (UCD) can be characterized as a multi-stage problem-solving process that not only requires designers to analyze and envision the way users are likely to consume a product, but also to validate their assumptions with regard to the user behavior in terms of usability and accessibility

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works“. Steve Jobs

R & D


Continuous social, environmental and technological changes lead us to renew and develop products that are always in line with the moment we are living. A team of professionals is looking for new materials, ideas and special processes to find new solutions.

While remaining tied to our tradition and our philosophy we are inclined to change, in search of a quality of Italian excellence.

Custom made projects


This is where we best express our way of working and our skills. We are a project-oriented company; we create any customized product following the designer’s ideas, or developing solutions based on the customer’s needs.

Our production capacity allows us to combine industrial processes with craftsmanship, to always create something unique and original.

Green soul


The reduction of Martex’s environmental footprint pushes us to create quality products that not only respect our concept of aesthetics, but above all “can last a lifetime“. We translate respect for nature and for environment that surrounds us by concrete actions, using processes with a lower environmental impact and favoring the use of natural, recyclable materials from controlled and certified crops.

The wood conglomerate that is used for the production of the panels, falls within the class CARB P2 and meets the standards for the ANSI / BIFMA emissions as established by the LEED certification compared to the credit IEQ4.5.

We develop and produce durable products that can guarantee a long life cycle, or compact and lightweight packaging to limit the impact of transport or its own disposal. We invest resources because all our industrial supply chain to be rewarding and attentive to these values.