Martex @ Supersalone Milan 2021

OFFICE SWEET HOME is the concept that moves every our thought when we focus on the spaces where we spend most of our time and where professional and domestic are never totally separated, but rather communicate with each other, and emotions, both positive and negative, flow through these two worlds.


The goal of Martex is to design products or work spaces trying to always think about the psychophysical wellbeing of people. We try to interpret the office world with an individual’s holistic view that considers the person as a whole and in all its dimensions: physical, mental, and spiritual energy.


The solution presented during the fair can be integrated in an office as well as in a home environment. As people and workplaces constantly adapt and change, also Biblos bookcases can do it. They define the environment by creating productive, flexible and stimulating spaces for work or home. The merge between private life and workplace has been presented with the Biblos bookcase, aggregated with a Nucleo soundproof portal and Kyo work table