Martex@Salone del Mobile 2024

The Italian “Piazza” inspired the design of the Martex stand at the 2024 Milan Furniture Fair, conceived by the Mario & Giulia Mazzer studio. It was not just a place to meet and relax, but an interpretation of the dynamic urban grid and the human interactions that characterise it. The heart of the space was conceived as a meeting and socialising point, while the perimeter areas offered more intimate spaces dedicated to cognitive exploration.

The knowledgeable use of natural elements and biophilic design, such as plants, vegetation, warm colours and soft shapes, enriched the atmosphere of the stand, imparting an aura of welcome and tranquillity.


The collections presented included:

Fluido® and Fluido® Kitchenette: the award-winning programme by Daniele Del Missier that allows you to create absolutely modular, customisable and flexible environments, thanks to an ingenious patent that enables a tool-less assembly with bare hands. Small and very fast movements that allow you to create your own space in the configuration that best responds to the needs of the moment.

To further satisfy the needs of multifunctional and modern spaces, Martex has developed Fluido Kitchenette, a combination of refined design and practical functionality as well as an ideal and flexible solution for office break out areas, which are increasingly becoming an informal meeting point where people can get together, exchange ideas and knowledge, and build meaningful relationships.

Han meeting tables: designed by Mario Mazzer, Han has been expressing a precise and unmistakable style since 1999, thanks to a mix of materials capable of creating a positive aesthetic and to the essential and vital strength of the aluminium structure that can be attached to legs, pedestals, electrified bases or storage units. Ideal for executive offices and meeting rooms as well as for prestigious boardrooms, the Han system is characterised by the quality of the materials used, the attention to detail and the care for workmanship.

The Intorno seat: a new collection of seats with a light aesthetic designed by Giovanni Crosera, Giulia Mazzer and Mario Mazzer. Its suspended shell with a sinuous profile accommodates and envelops the body, making the armchair very comfortable. Completely disassemblable, as it is also designed with responsible future disposal in mind, Intorno can be equipped with a footrest coordinated with the seat.

Linocor, a 100% Natural material: Linocor is an all-natural material renowned for its excellent properties, including anti-bacterial, anti-reflection, anti-static and water-repellent capabilities. It is composed of six natural elements that, when combined with certified panels and counter-laminated with vegetable parchment, create a surface that is both completely natural and recyclable. This top is not only functional, but appealing to the eye and to the touch.


Polis: designed by the Mantero e Associati studio. Polis is a modular product used to create ‘Rooms within Rooms’, a flexible solution that allows open spaces to be quickly transformed into rooms suitable for small meetings, moments of relaxation, short breaks or temporary work spaces, providing comfort and privacy without compromising the fluidity of the surrounding environment.