Culture@Work by Office Layout

In the last twenty years we have witnessed to a work evolution due to multiple aspects such as, the development of the technology, the fall of geographical borders and the sector, the increase in feminine employment, the meeting of different generations and the aging of the population.

These changes have made crucial, for the company, the theme of the relationship between private life and working life, between professional and domestic.

A culture has been created widespread of being comfortable in the office with a holistic vision of the person in all his dimensions: physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.
Martex interprets well-being in the office subdividing it into 2 macro categories: sensory wellbeing and relation wellbeing. In today’s offices we should create a nourishing emotional experience through the stimulation of the 5 senses; evoke positive feelings e improve the quality of work.

The continuous communicative exchanges and interpersonal relationships require flexibility conditions and organizational models that encourage group work.

The interpretation of Martex is inspired by the Italian concept of “Piazza”; a space rich in diversity and sensory stimuli, which allow a personal interpretation.

As in an urban center, the furniture supports the appropriation of space and aggregation, triggering positive relationships.

This year Martex has collaborated with Studio Monica Graffeo at the design of new NUCLEO collection that respond to these needs.