Fashion company Dubai

The D3 district was created in order to give a home to creative thinkers and to foster the growth of emerging talent in art, design, fashion and architecture. This 21,000-hectare complex will allow continuous contamination between the East and the West, a true district of the arts, accurately developed according to the principles of eco-sustainability. At the end of the project, before the launch of Expo 2020 in Dubai, the district will host museums, art galleries, studios and workshops, with the aim of affirming the city as the world’s creative capital. Here Martex has furnished the headquarters of a prestigious international company. The furnished spaces were operative and executive offices, meeting rooms and waiting areas. Bench Yard was chosen for the operative area in the total white version, while Kyo and Anyware, representative and elegant products, were used for the executive spaces and meeting rooms. As is the case for most projects, the customer and architects wanted to personalize the workplaces and make them unique, in particular through two aspects:

1) Workplace lighting, Martex has developed and engineered the integration of lighting in the bench

2) The choice of natural and luxury fabrics and leathers, generally used in the fashion world, here used instead to upholster the legs and tops of prestigious meeting tables.