Tuesday 30th June – From 6 pm – Via Lombardini 22, Milano

Smart Working: Gap between theory and practice. How to solve it ?
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Much has been told on cultural and economic events that are the fundamentals of “Smart Working”.

Not as much has been told on the processes and areas of intervention to implement the “Smart Working” in our companies.
Let’s then see how to put it into action, trying to understand when it works, through case studies of companies that are experimenting this new organizational template.

The approach to “Smart Working” is made through an alignment among Organizational HR Policy and Practices, Workspace and Technology. It is not important which one is the starting point; what it really matters is to understand the opportunity given by a model that definitively shifts the focus of the organization from “ control to motivation”.

The Time dimension is a crucial component of “Smart Working”. The independent, flexible and decentralized work-management has direct consequences on workspace time-usage and cannot disregard reconfiguration of worker/workspace relation.

The subject is the great opportunity to combine business and quality of life as we will demonstrate during the refreshment at the end of the conversation


Alessandro Adamo
Consultant and Director DEGW

Matteo Barone
Managing Partner and Area responsible for Employee Engagement of Methodos

Michele Dalmazzoni
Collaboration Country Leader and Business Transformation Cisco Italia

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