Martex expands the range of colors: matt, glossy and lacquered glass.

The matt now include 25 shades of expression that chromatically are divided into three main areas of taste: the colours of the earth, with the cream, Havana, ochre and brown, the colours of nature with all the shades that are inspired by the green to yellow, the colours of the sky with the blues, purples and blues.

All these tones respond to the need to provide endless opportunities of color combinations capable of making original installation through a measured use of color.

Martex’s glass and glossy lacquered collection integrates with the color range of all finishes for a perfect circular coherence that allows you to use different materials, but with common aesthetic grounds.

The 12 glossy lacquered and the 12 lacquered glasses allow greater customization of the workplace.The colour palette is subject to constant occurs because glamour and fashion’s signs are increasingly integrated with the formal rigor of office environments in a mix of fascination and relevance, and if to all this is added the possibility to lacquer also the structures besides table tops, you get a “total look” for particularly scenic effect.