Martex provides to its partners pCon.planner ME – the best solution for space planning. You’ll be able to create complex projects in a very simple way, displaying superb quality realistic.

pCon.planner is a professional and free 3D design software, which allows the best solution for the design of spaces, the configuration of products, processing of tenders and communication with customers.

Here below the advantages:

1. Data always up to date. Our commercial data be always up to date. The data will be automatically updated via the pCon.update – a service simple and easy to use.

2. Intelligent graphical configuration. With the graphic product configurator based on the OFML format, sales reps and designers will be able to configure our products using special created rules which will help to speed up the work and avoid mistakes.

3. Quotations with one click. With a simple click you will be able to create a professional-looking quotation, where the images of the products have the same exact finish previously selected.

4. Simple yet powerful. pCon.planner was created for both sales reps and space planners. It offers basic functions, easily used by all. It also provides advanced functionality created for specialized designers who need to create complex projects involving hundreds of articles.

5. Native DWG format. The native file format of pCon.planner is DWG, developed by Autodesk as the native format of AutoCAD. Access to a program that allows you to open, process and save DWG files natively is important in the world of office furniture.

6. Quality increase. pCon.planner has multiple functions that will help improve the overall quality of your services while proposing Martex’s solutions: DWG as its native format, the ability to quickly create renderings and animations, interactive and panoramic images, access to Google’s 3D gallery and much more.

Designs with us! ask us jumped at the chance to download for free pCon.