Saad Holding

In July, the company SAAD HOLDING inaugurated its new headquarters, furnished with Martex office furniture. The event was held in the presence of the Lebanese tourism president, press officers, influencers, bloggers and public and political figures. SAAD HOLDING, is one of the largest transport and tourism companies in Lebanon. Founded in 1929, as a bus company for the transport of passengers between the two most important Lebanese cities, Beirut and Tripoli, over the years it has differentiated in the transport sector, including an airline company and offering services that include tours and transporting goods. Located in the center of the city in the lively business area of Achrafieh, the modern building is a symbol of the SAAD Holding’s expansion and underlines its commitment to meeting the growing needs and development of the market. Martex, in collaboration with architect Zalfa el-Khoury Shoucair – IOC Lebanon, created a project that stands out for its careful selection of materials and high-quality furniture design, aiming to promote a meritocratic environment that represents the company and to improve communication and collaboration among the people who live in it