Lazio Region Headquarters

Contemporary coworking stations that invite meetings and open up to the city – Martex in collaboration with Errebian for the Lazio Region headquarters

“If it is true that the greatest cultural revolution of recent years is related to our ways of working and that the future will be increasingly remote and connected, what will the physical workplace be able to offer that virtual work cannot?”

A question that opens up many perspectives on the next scenarios of work spaces and to which Errebian SpA, in collaboration with architect Livia Comes of LCA Livia Comes Architetti studio, gave a concrete answer in the project to renovate the rooms of the historic building in Via Cristoforo Colombo in Rome, headquarters of the Lazio Region.

The inauguration took place on April 4, 2022 by the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, who said “we have created in the heart of Garbatella a center of aggregation, a large multimedia coworking space available to everyone.”

Martex, in collaboration with partner Errebian, took part in this important project: “Participating in the creation of a modern and technically advanced coworking space, which was both welcoming and functional, was for Martex a challenge enthusiastically welcomed with products that respond perfectly in the design transformation of the new workspaces.
The concept of the “Piazza®” that Martex began to communicate a long time ago is fully realized in this realization. “La Piazza®” understood as a place of aggregation, in which it is possible to work, meet, compare and socialize,” explains Marketing Manager Mery Pillon.



As architect Comes describes the Lazio Region coworking spaces, “…they open to the city expressing a strong link with the territory, providing services and culture. In fact, the large corridor that serves the operating workstations, furnished with comfortable seating for stopping and meeting, represents the ideal continuation of the street that leads from the neighboring neighborhood to the library and outdoor spaces on the second floor. This is how urban regeneration also passes through interior design elements that can survive different layouts, changes of destination and function, in the name of that mental and physical flexibility that is now required for us to live and work. In these carefully furnished spaces, then, as in a continuous flow, one can concentrate to work or study or meet and gather to collaborate or take a coffee break and institutions appear unexpectedly closer.”

About research and vision, Errebian also speaks, which has been able to rely on the expertise and solutions of the new Errebian Lab contract division created within the Furniture and Design Business Unit.
In the words of Luca Masciola (Managing Director and General Manager of Errebian), the coworking environments of the Lazio Region were: “the unmissable opportunity to translate into a real environment our research, started about 4 years ago, on the change that the smart office organization would induce as much on people as on technologies and the structure of working environments. In translating first into a project then into the realization of the vision of the Lazio Region, that is, the creation of a work environment that would be open to the community, of a shared space between internal resources and citizens, the work team transferred, therefore, not only the experience of the subject and of the solutions gained over the years, but its own idea of a new relationship between the urban environment, workspace, professional activities and the relationship between people.”

Martex turned the architect’s ideas, the client’s goals and the wishes of Errebian’s partner into “objects” with a highly customized design and production service that gave rise to workstations, with special and trendy colors, equipped with extreme wiring; modular “home design” bookcases transformed into office storage elements; waiting seating systems that become socializing areas. With some essential requirements: resistance to wear and tear and high-level mechanical performance that characterize the chosen collections, among the brand’s flagship collections: Pigreco, Biblos, Nucleo, Galaxy.