The design concept of the Kaminario project, a leading worldwide data storage company, was to interpret a story of memories, that would reflect the company’s business. The furnishings and the environment had to transmit a clear brand identity and, at the same time, combine the longevity of the company with its strong, solid and determined character. The different floors of the building have been designed to create a different story around the central theme of memories such as memories of childhood, movies, music, etc. Project Overview The interior design, by Studio Samuelov, works around furniture, complements, art installations and styling to create an environment that allows employees and guests to become attached to this friendly and informal space. For the furniture, the Pigreco collection was selected. Thanks to the vintage leg aesthetics, Pigreco offers a very distinctive and clean design, giving the workstations a classic and not too contemporary look. The bright colors of the screen and their modularity have instead provided the workplace a more modern imprint. The versatility and configurability of Pigreco also allowed the customer to use the same product for different functional solutions, starting from the single workstations through to the 6-seater benches.