Babson College

This project was born from the joint venture between King Abdullah Economic City and Babson College.

The purpose is to train young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas through the creation of working groups.

Collaborative Area

Here the project phase takes place, the students meet each other to share, discuss and exchange views on a new project idea. It is an informal area, the center both of the building architecture and of the planning phases that will follow.

This is a meeting/discussion area for exchanging ideas and findings during all phases of the project; it is reconfigurable thanks to mobile writing panels. For moments of concentration, students can isolate themselves in small soundproof pods, customized for the needs of the College.


Collaborative Area – Team Working

The operative work takes place on several Pigreco bench desks. Here students cooperate with each other in teams.

Collaborative Area – Closed Office

Ideas are shared and discussed with teachers, even in more formal areas such as the Closed Offices, which serve to welcome and to meet with students.

Design Studio

In this area the project concept is defined and put down on paper. Yard tables are useful to discuss with colleagues and teachers and they have been made with writable melamine tops to pin, draw and describe their own ideas and concepts on. Here connections and multimedia devices are studied to allow students to express themselves with the help of technology.


After the first phase of idea discussion, students are grouped on Vertebra, where, with the support of teachers, they begin to develop and lay the foundations for the project.

The Vertebra spine is free from high visual obstacles, to facilitate the sharing of ideas among students.

Discussion Areas

In these areas students discuss and debate their project concept in an informal way.

Training Rooms

Thematic classrooms where study groups explore themes and topics; classrooms are fully multimedia and reconfigurable to adapt to the different study subjects covered by teachers.

Trading Rooms

Multimedia classrooms equipped with Ola meeting tables; here, finance is taught to students.


This is the formal confrontation area where students exhibit and present the completed project to their colleagues.