Agos Headquarters

Agos, a financial company controlled by the international group Crèdit Agricole and Banco BPM, chooses Martex to furnish the new Milan headquarter.

13,000 square meters divided into 7 floors to accommodate over 800 people including open-space, executive offices and meeting rooms.

A project signed by the Milan studio DEGW-L22 with the aim of modelling the spaces to increase the quality of the work experience.

The results in an open-space that facilitates contamination between different areas and gives a sense of transparency and flexibility, with workspaces configured to accommodate adequately more than 800 consultants and managers, multimedia meeting rooms of different sizes and acoustically protected concentration areas.

Martex used bench of different configurations of the Agile range, with minimalist structures and tops that match perfectly with the surrounding environment, while ensuring maximum functionality and quality of work. For meeting areas a touch of design with the Pigreco range with metal or solid wood structure; lastly the Galaxy range for flexibility and storage capacity, and maximum private space thanks to the lockers.