100% Natural material

Martex is constantly committed to researching eco-friendly materials, ensuring aesthetics, functionality, and environmental respect. Linocor surfaces offer an environmentally sustainable, biodegradable alternative that has no harmful environmental impacts throughout its lifecycle.

Linocor is composed of 6 elements of natural origin blend together. A key component is oil extracted from linseed obtained by pressing. Pine resin, which counteracts the build-up of static charges by preventing bacterial proliferation, wood flour, obtained from wood from certified forests, and calcium carbonate powder, used as fillers, are added. Finally, pigments are added, giving colour to the surface. The sixth element is the backing layer, 90% cellulose, obtained from organic cultivation.

Exclusive advantages
• natural material, responsible choice
• warm and comfortable tactile finish
• anti-reflective, matt surface
• no fingerprints
• antistatic
• antibacterial
• long-lasting vivid colours
• water-repellent.

Martex range

804 Cream
805 Bruno
806 Smokey Blue
807 Verde Conifer
808 Nero

Supplier range

Alpine Green