Latest Project
D’ Offiz Business Center

Offiz designs, furnishes and manages permanent or temporary office spaces, acting as a reference point for professionals and entrepreneurs that are looking for elegant private or shared office space and meeting rooms equipped with state of the art technology.

D’Offiz, in partnership with Martex, managed the re-styling of the building transformed from a bank to an evoluted Business Center. While on the Ground Floor we can find D’Offiz offices, on the higher levels there are offices of multiple companies and among them Hillewaere Real Estate Group and co-working spaces. All offices have been designed and executed making use of new concepts of wellness in the office creating large waiting and sharing areas where people can interact and discuss. The building includes common and collaborative areas, restaurants, terrace, meeting and conference rooms.

Offices, located in the building floors, have been furnished with PIGRECO benches white top and olmo edging, frame white or black whilst meeting rooms have been furnished with elegant and functional Pigreco Up with white top and solid wood frame or in Nocino and chromed leg.