Boiserie: wood wall paneling

The term boiserie in French literally means “wood cladding on the walls of a room”.

Martex wood wall paneling is ultra-flexible in terms of its applications and in designing spaces or single walls, to create a protective and welcoming environment, thanks to the customized finishes.

Martex wall paneling is available with panels to size and in a wide variety of finishes, including the elegantly natural walnut wood grain.

The rack allows quick attachment and repositioning of the hanging elements, which are available both in an open-front version with drop-down doors and drawers or, in some cases, even with double depth.

The different aesthetics solutions allow the workstations to be customized on the basis of the specific storage needs.

The boiserie wall panelling is completely electrifiable.

The space of 48 mm between the panels and the wall and special units in the uprights allow the cables to pass easily in order to take power and data to any elements in the panelling itself.

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